Fourth Trimester Care

Fourth Trimester Care

Many women struggle to get their feet on the ground after giving birth as they handle all the physical and emotional transitions as a new mom.  A woman who gives birth in the hospital usually goes home within 48 hours, before her milk has come in and while she’s very much still healing from the birth.  The new family is on their own trying to figure out breastfeeding and newborn care, healing for mom, and processing their birth experience.  Very few providers care for both moms and babies, creating a shortage of support for the breastfeeding pair when it matters most.  Despite the umbilical cord having been cut after birth, mom and baby are still very much connected in the first year and require care that supports them as such.

The Fourth Trimester program was created to seamlessly support moms and babies from immediate postpartum through the first year of life.  This care is in addition to that of your OB and pediatrician visits as the focus is on prevention and wellness for both you and baby at every visit.

The Fourth Trimester Program

Helping Moms and Babies Thrive During the First Year

Each visit includes an assessment of mom’s diet, sleep, energy, emotional status, and any concerns about her or her baby’s health.  Babies will be weighed at every visit so we can watch them grow over the first year.

Visit 1- Before Your Birth

Visit 1- Office Visit in the 3rd Trimester of Your Pregnancy

  • This may be the most important visit for me as your doctor so I can get to know you before you’re in the thick of it as a new mom – it’s hard to get the full back story of your life from a sleepy, healing, hormonal mom after the birth
  • I review your complete medical history to highlight any issues that might influence breastfeeding, healing, or postpartum depression so we can be proactive and have a support plan in place before the baby is born
  • We discuss what type of birth you are planning so I can be better prepared on how to support you with healing and processing your birth during the postpartum time
  • The immediate postpartum time can feel vulnerable for new moms and it’s nice to meet me ahead of time so that a familiar face and presence arrive in your home on the first days after giving birth
Visit 2- The 1st Week at Home

Visit 2- Home Visit in the 1st Week After Birth

  • 1-2 hour visit
  • breastfeeding support including help with engorgement, getting a proper latch, and establishing an abundant supply of milk
  • natural support for healing after vaginal and cesarean births
  • processing your birth experience
  • jaundice check for baby
  • getting to know your baby and learning their newborn language
  • what to expect in the coming 2-4 weeks as your newborn becomes an infant
Visit 3- 2-4 Weeks

Visit 3- Office Visit 2-4 Weeks After the Birth

  • 1 hour visit
  • breastfeeding support and fine tuning
  • how and when to introduce a bottle while breastfeeding
  • how to prevent mastitis and to treat it naturally if it occurs
  • natural support for colic, diaper rash and soothing your baby
  • introduction to the vaccinations offered at your 2 month pediatrician appointment
Visit 4- 3 Months

Visit 4- Office Visit at 3 Months

  • 1 hour visit
  • assessment of mom’s physical healing after birth- diastasis recti and pelvic floor support
  • introduction to fevers- natural support and when to call the doctor
  • development support for your growing child
  • finding the new “normal” and caring for yourself as a mother
  • relationship support for staying connected with your partner through the postpartum period
Visit 5- 6 Months

Visit 5- Office Visit at 6 Months

  • 1 hour visit
  • how to keep mom’s energy up during a time when many moms feel depleted
  • natural teething support for baby
  • food introduction for baby and how to recognize food sensitivities
  • natural treatments for common childhood illnesses like diarrhea, vomiting, and colds
Visit 6- 9-12 Months

Visit 6- Office Visit at 9-12 Months

  • 1 hour visit
  • bringing more of you back into your life as a busy mom
  • planning for the next baby
  • vaccination discussion before the 12 month pediatrician visit
  • toddler nutrition
  • expanding your natural medicine cabinet to care for your toddler

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

– Barbara Katz Rothman