Childhood Stomach Aches

Last year, when my daughter was 6 years old she began complaining about stomach aches and our pediatrician diagnosed her with a parasite and recommended a very potent antibiotic with a 30% success rate. I decide to try a different route and got a glowing recommendation for Molly from a friend.  Molly spent over an hour with us, talking with my daughter and I about her health history and some of the emotional issues she was experiencing. She researched the parasite and put together a combination of herbs and supplements to improve her immune and digestive system. After a few months, my daughter stopped complaining about her stomach and seemed overall healthier and happier. Molly is fabulous with kids and really seems to listen and care deeply for her patients. She is a talented healer and I will continue to take my daughters to her. Thank you Molly for everything!


Sophia and Calder’s Births

Molly delivered both of our children at home and what a wonderful experience it was both times! From our first appointment to delivery, she was amazing.  In working with Molly, I really felt like she, my husband and I were a team. I felt very supported and heard. I also really appreciated that my husband and two year old daughter were very much included in the entire experience when we had our son.  Molly was like a guide in my pregnancy and I always felt very engaged in the process.  She went out of her way to explain and educate us on what was going on during the different stages of my pregnancy and what our choices were for various tests and procedures, including vaccinations. She was always open and available to discuss all aspects of my pregnancy and postnatal experience.

Molly is a nurturing person with a wide breadth of knowledge as both a Midwife and Naturopathic Doctor. We also used Molly as our primary doctor for our daughter, consulting her on diet, supplements, stress management and grief.  What an incredible and unique experience to continue care with the same person that brought our child into this world.


Postpartum Mood Support

Molly was a caring and soothing ear when I was dealing with postpartum issues. She sensitively listened to my symptoms and accurately assessed the care I needed, and in turn prescribed a perfect blend of herbs and supplements that helped me bounce back quickly. But more importantly she made me feel understood and cared for. Her bedside manner cannot be beat! Thank you, Molly! 


Lola’s Birth

My husband and I are so very thankful for the care we received from Molly during our pregnancy.  Molly has a unique way of making you feel comfortable and supported during such a vulnerable time.  She has a wealth of knowledge regarding  pregnancy and childbirth and was respectful of our unique journey into parenthood.  Molly helped us develop our own opinions about the process and took the time to discuss all of our options.  Molly provided holistic care and offered us naturopathic remedies to support a healthy pregnancy.  I felt truly cared for during our prenatal visits and in the best of hands during the birth of my baby girl.  My birth experience wasn’t without complications and Molly went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of both physically and emotionally before she left our home.  In addition to the care I received prenatally and during the birth, Molly provided invaluable support after the birth when you need it the most!  I would highly recommend Molly as a midwife and look forward to her care in the future. 


Healing After Birth

I am so grateful to have had Molly in my life these past 2 years not only as my midwife but also as my Naturopathic Doctor. She has been amazing to work with, especially during my postpartum time when I had a lot of after birth issues. She was always available to help support me with a supplement, herb, or homeopathic recommendation based on what my body was going through at the time.  And I can say that at 15 months postpartum, I feel the best I have ever felt in my life! Thank you Molly, for your amazing spirit and dedication, I am forever grateful and look forward to continued support for years to come.


Thelonious’ Birth

We had the pleasure of having Molly as our midwife when Thelonious was born. We started our prenatal visits with an OB and switched over to midwifery care about half way through. Molly was very reassuring regarding our questions and concerns during our visits. When the big day came, she spoke with us on the phone and was attentive to all of the cues of labor we described so as best to guide us in the next steps before she came to our home. She helped maintain a calm and controlled atmosphere as labor progressed, while directing my partner, the student midwife and myself in the moments leading up to Thelonious being born. The whole experience was extremely positive and amazing. We are thankful for her presence at our birth as well as her support in postpartum. Molly’s background in pediatrics really put us at ease as we began our new life as a family with Thelonious out in the world.


Ameera’s Birth

Being pregnant, birthing your first baby, and then caring for this new little person in your life can be overwhelming and scary but thankfully we had Molly as our midwife. She was always there for us, always available to answer our questions and really took the time to make sure we understood each part of the process. Her specialty in natural medicine shines through, but it’s never forced.  Molly would offer a natural medicine suggestion and we would choose which ones we liked based on thoughtful discussions with her.  At the birth she morphed into whatever we needed her to be instantly, whether that be a solid rock during peaks of pain or a vigilant guardian listening for just the right sounds from the next room.  We could not have asked for a more intelligent and loving person to be a part of one the most amazing experiences of our lives.


Drew’s Breech Birth

I don’t even know how to express how much my husband and I love Molly! From our first visit, we felt her warmth and happiness. She is such an amazing and special person.  Molly has been there for me through both my pregnancies and deliveries, and I know without any hesitation I wouldn’t want it any other way. She was incredibly knowledgeable and had a way of making me feel cared for and comfortable at all times. I really felt like she respected my feelings and instincts as a mother. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I got sick with a terrible sore throat and Molly was able to use her knowledge as a Naturopathic Doctor to give me great natural recommendations to help me feel better.

Molly’s calm and positive demeanor kept me calm and positive from pregnancy through delivery.  Our first baby was in the frank breech position for birth with Molly and Dr. Fischbein.  I had been at 8 centimeters for several hours and wasn’t progressing. Molly came in and used the rebozo on my hips and suggested I try different positions during contractions. Doing so got my water to finally break, and 45 minutes later I had my beautiful baby in my arms! I am so glad she was there and knew what to do to get my labor to progress.  Our family truly loves her with all our heart and feels so blessed to have had her by our side through some of the most special moments of our lives.


Mathis’ Home VBAC

I was truly blessed to have Molly assisting the birth of my son as he was safely born at home with a VBAC. Having an unplanned c-section with my daughter Sophie the first time created the path for our family to search for a different birth outcome and prenatal care when I got pregnant with my second, Mathis. 

Molly supported me from the very first prenatal visit through the magical day of the home birth, and helped me re-discover that I did have the strength to give birth naturally, with no interventions and to realize that my body is perfectly capable to birth my babies. On birth day, the moment we called Molly with the first signs of labor she had the instinct to show up shortly thereafter, even though contractions were somewhat mellow, which is when we realized how important her serene presence and professional but grounding expertise was to our family. This feeling of overall serenity and trust carried through not just labor and birth, but throughout post-natal care and beyond.

Molly’s expertise goes beyond midwifery care as she is also an excellent Naturopathic Doctor.  She helped me rethink the rhythm of my day so that I could get enough sleep and still be able to take care of two young children. She helped me educate myself about having a correct diet to increase my energy, which was perfectly designed for my own needs and not simply by the books.

For years I had struggled with energy dysfunction throughout the day and thanks to Molly I now know exactly what my body needs to function at its best.

She is truly a gem and I have yet to meet someone who has met her without falling in love with her.


Lilly’s Birth at 35 Weeks

When I first met Molly what stood out to me right away was her demeanor- she was so calm, confident, humble, and above all motherly. My husband was a little skeptical at the time of home birth and midwives until that meeting.  My initial opinion of Molly was spot on and during our first visit she answered all of our questions and really listened to my fears. For Molly, my emotions and feelings were equally as important as my physical health. Each exam she would ask permission to feel my belly and warmed up her hands. She would listen to the heart beat and would smile each time she heard it. There was never a question about how much she loves being a midwife.  We were never rushed and always felt like her only patient.  

At 35 weeks I developed severe pre-eclampsia and our plans for a home birth faded quickly and we were admitted to the hospital. Even though Molly could no longer deliver our baby and knew this was not our plan she came to the hospital right away and helped us emotionally with our concerns for the baby as well as letting go of the idea of our beautiful home birth. I will never forget she brought us a set of white Christmas lights and hung them from the cabinet in front of my bed.  It was a simple gesture but such a kind and meaningful one because we did not have the bright invasive hospital lights. It softened the energy just as Molly does when she enters a room. When I was getting close to giving birth, physically I was having a hard time and unable to even move off of my left side but she was right there by my side with a smile and a calm familiar voice and she used pressure points on my wrist to help alleviate my nausea. When it came time to push she was right there and even though she had to take a back seat medically in the hospital, she never did emotionally.  Molly was right there when Lilly came into the world and I am so glad she was. Even after we left the hospital she was calling, texting and stopping by our house to check on Lilly and myself. After our care at the hospital ended, Molly picked right back up as our midwife making sure our needs where met through 6 weeks postpartum, and created space for us to process the emotions of our birth. Now that we are back in our daily routine I miss going in for my appointments with Molly as she has become a part of our family. I send her pictures and we keep in touch. Some time after my birth I was asked if I would do it again… and my answer was yes, as long as Molly is there.


Clementine’s Birth in the Hospital

How do I love Molly? Let me count the ways. I felt a connection with Molly at my very first prenatal appointment. I was nervous and uncertain when it came to pregnancy and my impending birth. Anxious. Naive. And unprepared. But Molly made me feel at ease in one magic swoop and over the course of the next nine months, I developed a deep sense of trust for her as a person, a midwife and a Naturopathic Doctor. 

When it came time to deliver, my planned home birth didn’t go exactly as planned. And while I was incredibly disappointed, I actually wasn’t scared because Molly was calm, kind and reassuring, and had exactly the energy that I needed.  I looked to her with confidence to guide me in making the right decisions for the health of my baby and myself.  When I arrived at the hospital, Molly was already there. She had transformed my cold, sterile hospital room into a warm and inviting one, that was dimly lit and adorned with white Christmas lights. She greeted me with a tender smile and hug and introduced me to all the doctors and nurses she’d already met. And as the hours passed, Molly sat. She sat and comforted me. Encouraged me. She made me laugh. And she asked all the questions I was too overwhelmed to ask. During those hours I felt just like the moment I first met her. Reassured. Supported. And so loved. And it was during those hours that Molly went from being my midwife and naturopath, to being my friend. 

Nearly two years later, Molly is still the person I call when I need some advice about a weird rash my kid has, or what immunizations I should give her, or when I have some weird womanly ailment. But she’s also a person I would call to meet me for a vegan milkshake, a good laugh and a heart-to-heart any day of the week. There will always be a special place in my heart and in our family for Molly. I hope that she can be my midwife forever and catch any future babes that enter our household. And as much as I’d love to hide her in my closet and keep her all for myself, I have to share her. Because the more babies Molly touches, the more magical the world will be. 


“Completely professional, extremely knowledgable, highly skilled and about the nicest person you could hope for. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Ryan, father